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Major Reasons Behind Why You Feel So Pleasant In Nature

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If you are a nature lover and you love to stay close to nature, you might have wondered at some point in your life that why you feel exceptionally good and pleasant when you are close to nature. This is a fact and we cannot deny it that whenever we build a strong connection with nature and tend to spend the most of our spare time with nature, we start feeling so good and we start to feel that we become more active and happier than ever before. Though you can experience this wonderful feeling if only you love nature and have stayed in close touch with it at some point in your life.

Daniella Rand

There are a number of reasons behind why you feel so good in nature. The list is quite long but we are trying to list down the most important reasons in this article.

You feel as if time has slowed down:

One important reason which makes you feel so good when you are in nature is that you feel as if the time has slowed down and now things are not moving with the same pace as they moving previously. It is due to the fact nature gives you such a calming and comforting feeling that you start to feel as if everything in the world has slowed down including the time and this feeling brings your mind a lot of peace and comfort.

Appreciation of life:

Another important reason for feeling so good when in nature is that nature reminds you that every living thing in the world is going to die at some point in the life and this acknowledgment helps the people appreciate their lives and they end up feeling so good that they are alive. It also triggers in them the feeling of gratitude.

You feel a connection with the Divine:

Another reason for feeling so good for staying in close touch with nature is that you feel as if you are in close touch with God. A close connection with God and the feeling of it helps you feel so good and satisfied in your life.

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