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Daniella Rand
Daniella Rand is a San Francisco-based financial advisor with nearly 20 years of experience serving clients. Rand presently serves as managing director of The Rand Group, a tight-knit wealth management team serving clients in the Bay Area, throughout California, and elsewhere in the United States. The Rand Group’s close association with Merrill Lynch, a global financial services firm with offices in more than two dozen countries and territories, allows Rand and her team deliver bespoke financial planning and wealth management services for clients at every stage of life. The Rand Group’s clientele consists primarily of high net worth individuals and families based in the states in which The Rand Group’s senior financial advisors are licensed to do business. Rand’s team has a cohort of investment analysts who support The Rand Group’s financial advisors. All are based out of Rand’s offices in downtown San Francisco.

Education and Philosophy

Daniella Rand prepared to take the helm of The Rand Group for years before launching the team in 2005. A graduate of the University of California, San Diego, Rand spent the first several years of her career in a succession of increasingly visible financial services roles. The core team she assembled in the mid-2000s remains active today, trading on its reputation for responsive, high-touch client service. Daniella Rand and her team take a holistic approach to financial planning and wealth management. The Rand Group’s client relationships are premised on the simple principle that money is not an end to itself. Rather, it’s a means to an end — specifically, that it’s best used in the service of transforming deeply held personal and professional goals into reality. Rand and her team use their wealth management philosophy as a lodestar to develop, implement, and monitor bespoke wealth management strategies that help clients realize sincerely held objectives while maintaining investment risk within acceptable ranges. The Rand Group’s custom wealth management strategies orient around seven key priorities:


Rand and her team understand the potential financial strain of acute and long-term care. They help clients address direct healthcare expenses, ongoing insurance needs, and elder care. Home. The Rand Group helps clients plan for inevitable changes on the home front: up-sizing into larger homes capable of accommodating growing families, downsizing into homes as children fly the coop, renovating and remodeling to better address client tastes and needs, and purchasing vacation homes or investment properties.


The Rand Group helps clients realize the financial capacity to provide for loved ones who can’t (or can no longer) provide for themselves, including minor children, aging parents, and adults with disabilities.


Rand refuses to be defined solely by her work in wealth management, and she hopes her clients do the same. Her team empowers clients to get the most out of their limited leisure time, regardless of their interests — providing the planning, vision and financial capacity needed to support international travel, at-home hobbies, and signature leisure purchases.


Daniella Rand and her team believe that clients who choose to give back should have the tools and resources they need to do so efficiently — whether they’re mentoring at-risk youth, sharing their time and talents with local nonprofit organizations, or providing direct financial support to worthy causes. Work and Retirement. The Rand Group works with clients at all stages of life. Rand and her team stand ready to assist with early retirement planning, retirement cash flow planning, work in retirement, and exit strategies for closely held businesses. Financial Planning. Thanks to the global resources of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, Rand and her team are positioned to help clients plan for every eventuality.


Outside the office, Rand devotes many hours each week to the ambitious personal training regimen she’s maintained for the better part of a decade. When she needs a break from ThriveSF or Equinox, her home gyms, she hits the outdoor track near her home or hits one of the Bay Area’s many beautiful wilderness trails. Rand loves nature photography and international travel, as well; recent travel highlights include Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, and Longyearbyen, Norway, which arguably has the world’s best Northern Lights views as well as the most polar bear sightings within any habitable town.


Closer to home, Rand regularly volunteers through Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco and opportunities sponsored by Merrill Lynch. She lives in the San Francisco area.
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